Flagstaff Property Management Services

Why Choose Santa Fe Realty Inc. For Your Property Management Needs?

Santa Fe Realty Inc. has been managing rental homes in Flagstaff, AZ for over 30 years. We are a local family owned business that strives to do our part in the community in which we serve. We have built strong relationships within the community through helping people find homes and through generating business for many other companies and individuals in Flagstaff. 

When you list your home through Santa Fe Realty Inc., you don't just get our services, you join our large community network of professionals whom we have cultivated business with for over 30 years. Our team currently manages over 100 properties in Flagstaff. 

Santa Fe Realty Property Management Services Outline

When you list your home for rent through Santa Fe Realty Inc.

the services that you receive are as follows:


  • Setting the Right Rates – We evaluate the current market to find out rental rates in the area.

  • Tenant Screening Services – To ensure that a potential tenant is the right fit for your property we run credit history reports, criminal history reports, verify sufficient income, and previous rental history.

  • Contracts Writing Services – We use up-to-date contracts that are standard throughout Arizona that follow all equal housing requirements.

  • Tenant Management- From the first phone call to the last inspection we handle all of the tenant relationship management throughout the rental process.

  • Collection and Distribution of Monthly Rental Income – We collect the security deposit, fees, and monthly rent and send it to you via check or direct deposit into your account (at an additional $1.50 per transaction).

  • Marketing and Advertising for Your Property – We market your property in many ways. We hang a sign on the property to interest the neighbors or people driving through the neighborhood, and we list the rental on our website, the Northern Arizona Multiple Listing Service, and social media.

  • Managing Vendor Relationships – Repairs are a common occurrence in all homes. Leaking faucets, clogged toilets, garbage disposal problems and more are going to happen. We have a large network of professionals in Flagstaff that we work with to get repairs done in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

  • Property Maintenance – At move-in, move-out, and during a tenant lease we try our best to keep your property well-cared for. We require tenants to keep the home clean during their lease, and to have certain items professionally cleaned (such as carpets) when they move out.

  • Walk-throughs – We have thorough inspections before and after a tenant leases a home to look for possible damage that needs to be repaired. If we find items that need to be replaced or fixed, we take care of it before the next tenant moves in.

  • Evictions – We work with our tenants to try and avoid issues, but sometimes due to unforeseeable reasons, evictions may happen. We handle the entire process so that we can get your property back on the market and ready for a new tenant.

Our Fees

As a local independently owned company we pride ourselves in our competitive rates.

  • A one-time $50 set-up fee.

  • We offer our continuous property management services for 10% of the monthly rent, due only when the home is occupied.

  • There is a $1.50 monthly transaction fee for direct deposits, or no charge for a check mailed to you.

*There may be some initial costs to get the home ready to be rented. Cleaning the home and carpets, repairing items such as leaking pipes, cleaning the yard etc. Your property manager can advise you on what items need to be taken care of before renting the home.

**We encourage you to have at least one month of mortgage or rent set aside in the event payments from tenants are late, or for repairs to the home.

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