Emergency Repair Request


In the event of an emergency or a life threatening situation, call 911 immediately. 

Emergency Situations

If your home is on fire, Call 911 immediately. 

If your Carbon Monoxide monitor is going off, shut off all fuel burning appliances, open windows and leave the home immediately. Call 911. Follow up with your utility company. Return home when the all clear is given. 

Suspect a gas leak? Many of our homes are heated with natural gas. If you smell gas, open windows and leave the home immediately. Call 911 or your gas company. 

If there are downed power lines in your yard, call 911 then call your utility company. 

This is not a complete list of emergencies. If you feel that your situation warrants a 911 call, do not hesitate to call.

If any of these emergencies occur, call 911 first and get the situation under control, then follow up immediately with your Santa Fe Realty Inc. property manager at (928) 779-6903.

Emergency Repairs


If you have a repair that needs immediate attention, call us at 928-779-6903 or contact your Property Manager immediately. 

Types of repairs the require immediate attention:


  • Broken Water Line

  • Sewage backing up into home 

  • Flooding

  • No Heat

  • No Water

  • Storm Damage

  • Sparking wires

  • No Electricity - Call your utility company first to check for an outage in the area

This is not a complete list of emergency repairs. If there is a situation in your home that can lead to loss of life or property damage, do not hesitate to call us immediately.